How To Save Money with Your Food Budget

April 9, 2009 at 3:59 pm 1 comment

As a follow up to our post,  Thrifty Vegan – Small Ways to save Big with plant based Foods we decided to ask some of our Twitter followers for their favorite ways to stretch their food budgets.

The Question:  Vegans, how do you save on your food budget? Please share tips. Thanks!

Here are some of the great ideas we received :

( We would love to hear your tips too! )

twitter vegan tips

@blue_rose Buy items I buy often on sale when they are on sale, shop at local farmer’s markets, make my own food and bring it in to work.

@theveggiequeen Vegans save money like others – eat real whole foods and in-season fruits and vegetables. Cook at home. Pressure cooker easy.

@vkareh I mass-cook for the week so that I don’t feel the need to eat out. Rice & beans 2-3 times per week. Don’t allow vegs to spoil.

@JefferyLaGrow I have a heath food store that I shop at with the best organic bulk section.  Buy all of your grains that way if possible.

@VeganGuineaPig Here’s my two cents

@alienpmk I’ve never even found it all that expensive, to be honest. Just limit my soycheese, thats about it =D

@veronikag We invested in a large freezer. We make large meals 2 freeze & pull them out later.

@FourtyFour Green Markets!

@janieo veggie spaghetti is THE best! Buy lots of fresh veggies,make ur own sauce ,combine,serve on spaghetti squash. Can rest.

@agoodcleanlife Canning makes a big difference! Freezing produce when its in season (beans, peas, strawberries). Buying dry foods in bulk.

@debiguity re: saving money – i grow as much as i can in my little garden! it is amazing how much can be grown in small places.

@janieo Growing eggplant,shallots,peppers,tomatoes,even potatoes in pots is so easy!

Thanks Twitter peeps for all these great tips!

You can also check out our Thrifty Vegan article for more ideas.

Do you have some more great ways to save?  Let us know, share them here in our comments.

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  • 1. Victor Kareh  |  April 9, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    Thanks for linking to my twitter profile!

    I buy only the veggies I will consume, so that they don’t spoil, thus not wasting them. It’s actually hard to do, since it involves planning ahead. I live alone, so a single eggplant is more than I would eat in a week if I want to keep variety in my meals.

    Rice and beans are a staple food for me (I’m Puerto Rican), so that helps me a lot. Rice and beans are super cheap.

    Another tip that I’ve found to be good is to buy bulk of vegetables that can be frozen. Keep those for cooking and use the fresh ones for, well, eating fresh.


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